We are proud to be a global leader in packaging. Our pharmaceutical packaging expertise spans the full range of drug delivery routes. From child-resistant and senior-friendly closures to user-independent droppers, we can also develop custom packaging solutions to fit your specific needs.

Surgical Needs

AMARI Nonwoven (PP Spunbond & Meltblown) has a vital role in the medical sector. These include surgical gowns, masks, curtains, pillowcases, pampers, and bed sheets The advantage of AMARI Nonwoven in the medical area is its disposable nature to ensure 100% sterile, practical and does not require cleaning costs for reuse. Along with the development of the latest medical technology, doctors and hospitals are now using nonwoven fabrics as Hygiene Standards, which are not only economical and environmentally friendly but also safe, disposable and practical to use.

Disinfecting Wipes

The increasing rate of hospital acquired infections is a worry to us all. We are fighting back with a wipes product range that supports disinfectants and their required contact times with supporting materials that medical professionals can trust.